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Nations of the Four Corners

A Place for All

Our Mission:

At Nations of the Four Corners our mission is to preserve the unique history and heritage of the Four Corners region. 

The Mesas and Canyons, so mysterious and beautiful, were home to the ancient Anasazi Puebloan people, the Ute, Paiute, and Navajo Indians as well as the Mexicans and Pioneers. This land and its legacy is preserved for your enjoyment. 

You are invited to learn about the rich heritage of historic cultures by walking the trails, visiting the villages, and exploring our site in Blanding, UT. 

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Observation Tower

Follow Native Tradition and get the lay of the land before you journey too far. Feel the calming spirit of the land and the voices that call to you from the breeze. 


Navajo (Dineh)

In the Dineh view of the world, everything is either male or female, including their homes. Come discover why their homes face east and other symbolism in Navajo structures. 

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Ute entrance into the Four Corners is vague, but there a a few clues. Although the horse was an integral part of setting up the Ute teepee, learn how the Ute teepee differs from the teepees of the Plains tribes. 



Utah is rich with "Mormon" Pioneer history. Learn about their difficult journey to the Four Corners, and why they are called the "Hole in the Rock" pioneers. 



The Paiute Native Americans often moved frequently to gather and hunt. Learn more about the foods they ate, including insects, and how they maintained a hunting and gathering lifestyle.



Early Spanish explorers had their headquarters in New Mexico, but groups would occasionally pass through the Four Corners region. Learn about how they created their adobe homes, and why they came to this area.


Sponsored by:

San Juan Foundation

580 S 650 W 

Blanding UT, 84511

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