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Recycling Bottles
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Materials Eligible for Recycling:

Cardboard, Paper, Newspaper, Paperboard, plastic 1-7, Aluminum, and tin cans.


Non-Eligible Materials:

Glass, styrofoam, plastic bags, and shredded paper.

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about us

Full Circle Recycling (FCR) is a multi-agency collaboration aiming to provide recycling services in the city of Blanding with the belief that if we throw anything "away it must go somewhere. FCR's recycling project will provide a "somewhere" that gives our community members an option to create less waste in our landfills. We aim to create part-time employment for persons with chronic mental illness, substance abuse, and/or other barriers to competitive employment through a curbside recycling service in and around Blanding, UT.

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Multi Agency Involvemnet

Full Circle Recycling will become part of the non-profit San Juan Foundation. Waste Management supports this project and is willing to rent a covered dumpster and transport unsorted recyclables to a single stream recycling facility, once a month. San Juan Counseling values this project. If project proves to be sustainable, there may be opportunities to provide its services to other locations.



Commercial: $25 per barrel a month for onsite pick-up inside the business building.

Commercial: $18 a month per barrel for curbside/outside pick-up.

Residential: A monthly fee of $18 per barrel.


Recyclables will be collected on the same day as trash pick-ups on the weekdays. Workers will be collecting recyclables from 10-11:30 am. Time is subjected to change. While, recyclables will be picked-up curbside rather than brought by consumers to a specified location there will also be a Dumpster at the Blanding City transfer station. We will sort recyclables into different groups for you!

Bill Pay

$18 Monthly Barrel Bill Payment


(Commercial or Residential)

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Bill Pay

$25 Monthly Barrel Bill Payment

(Commercial Only)

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Auto Pay

Click on the form below to sign up for Auto Pay for your monthly bill. 

Your information is secure in our program and responses are deleted after auto pay is set up. 


Once you sign up for recycling services. You will be delivered a recycling bin and recycling services will start on your next trash pick up date.  On the first of the next month, You will receive an invoice via email, which includes a link to pay for your services. We highly recommend you use this link. You will then receive an invoice with easy online payment on the first of each month thereafter. 

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