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What is First Year Services

GEAR UP provides services for first year freshman through their first year in college both in and out of state. These services include:

  • Registration/Class Schedule

  • College applications

  • FAFSA/Financial aid

  • Mentoring

  • Connecting to college resources

  • Reminders of dates and deadlines

  • Summer bridge for UVU students

Who is your advisor?

Andrea Chamberlain- First Year Specialist

First Year Services-

I was born and raised in Heber City, Utah. I lived there my whole life in the same house and everything until I moved to Logan to go to school. I grew up with 4 older sisters (Yes, my poor dad being stuck with 6 girls). I grew up on a farm. I spent a lot of time hauling hay, feeding cows, changing sprinklers, and building forts in the barns. The most important thing I learned before high school was to be involved! It was important to do a lot of things. Go to the sports events, hang out with friends, etc. It made for a lot better of a high school experience- that's for sure. I plan on getting my masters degree in the next couple of years so that I can be a school counselor. This is my third year working with San Juan Foundation. If I could write my own job title for what I do it would be, “Chasing those darn kids”. The most inspiring part of my job is helping students see their potential. They doubt themselves and don't realize how amazing they truly are! It's fun helping them see just how good they are and what they can accomplish. The best piece of advice I've ever been given is that if you don't ask you already have the no. I have pushed myself a little more knowing that I already have the no on things if I don't ask. The worst thing people can say is no. One of the most fun things I have done are four wheeling trips. My family does a campout every year in the middle of the desert and we take our four wheelers. We always go on some crazy adventures and it gets my adrenaline going!

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